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Apr 24 2016

Six Scenic Flight Tours Around the World

One of the best ways to see a new city (or an old one) is from above. And I don’t mean staring through your tiny circular window as the wheels drop over a new destination. I mean preferably with the wind in your face soaring over the best natural and manmade wonders your location has to offer. After trying a few flying adventures, we can definitively say this one of our favorite types of exploration. You can gain a new perspective from the air: an improved sense of scale and location, insight into local life, not to mention some amazing angles for photographs. You can cover more ground and see more sights than you would driving or walking through the same area. Smaller aircraft can get close enough to allow you to observe from a place where you won’t have to stand in line or on your toes to see over someone else’s head. We have yet to have a flying experience that wasn’t worth it.


As you plan your next trip, consider booking a helicopter, microlight or skydiving trip. Flying can be an adrenaline filled adventure and provide you with one-of-a-kind views few people will ever get to enjoy. Here are some of the most amazing flights we love and highly recommend and a few we’re dreaming of taking during our upcoming travels.


Amazing Flying Adventures Around The World


Microlight over Angkor Wat in Cambodia

The temples at Angkor Wat are so incredible by foot, I couldn’t wait to see them from above. In a microlight, you can see the homes scattered around the temples where there aren’t any tourists. Daily life goes on on farms while visitors crowd to the largest temples in the park. Our pilot at Microlight Cambodia talked to us about the history and the terrain and pointed out some of the most iconic temples. We had seen them the day before and were mesmerized once more flying over them in the tiny aircraft.



Skydive over a Volcano in New Zealand

Eric got a once-in-a-lifetime view of an active volcano in New Zealand when he jumped out of a plane over the island. While I’d rather stay inside my aircraft of choice for the duration of the flight, skydiving is about as adventurous as it gets in the air. If you’re going to do it, you might as well pick an incredible location. Just don’t forget to enjoy the scenery on your way down.


Chiang Mai Sky Adventures

Microlight over the mountains of Chiang Mai

Flying over Chiang Mai reminded us that Thailand’s second largest city is so densely surrounded by nature. Lakes and mountains we forgot were even there as we walked around the Old City were suddenly in view again. Microlights can fly lower than planes and helicopters and even though they are not fully enclosed, create a relatively peaceful flying experience.


Photo: Globotreks

Photo: Globotreks

Helicopter Flight over Manhattan

Few things say “VIP experience” like a helicopter ride over one of the most popular cities in the world. Flying over Manhattan in a chopper isn’t just for the movies and I’d love to give it a try. How amazing would Central Park look from above? Norbert from Globotreks got some amazing shots of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline during his helicopter flight over New York City. 


Photo: The Blonde Abroad

Photo: The Blonde Abroad

Winter Scenic Helicopter Over Whistler

The Blonde Abroad has us wanting to make a trip to Canada to fly over this gorgeous terrain covered in snow. This excursion even lands on Rainbow Mountain mid-trip for an amazing wintry view. A scenic helicopter ride has got to be one of the easiest ways to get to the top of that mountain and flying over those forests must be incredible!


Photo: Young Adenturess

Flying over the Great Barrier Reef

These photos from Young Adventuress are nothing short of incredible. A scenic flight in Australia takes you over one of the seven natural wonders of the world as well as giving you a terrific view of the mainland. What an awesome way to see the Great Barrier Reef, especially if you also see it from underwater! These views have us even more excited to make a trip to Australia. 


Have you even been in a helicopter or experienced an amazing scenic flight? Where?

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