12 Simple Travel Tips to Help You Prepare for Any Trip
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Sep 29 2014

12 Simple Travel Tips To Help You Prepare For Any Trip

Have you ever gotten on a flight, ready to relax until you arrive at your wonderful vacation destination only to remember you forgot to do something important? Here are 12 travel tips to help you prepare for any trip and eliminate that stress.

1. Check in 24 hours before your flight for better boarding status and print your tickets to avoid check in counter lines.


2. Scan or take photos of your passport, drivers license, health insurance cards and itinerary then email to yourself or upload to Google Drive or Dropbox so you can access in case of theft or emergency.

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3. Create a list of necessary travel items during the weeks before your trip so you can have a detailed checklist when you are packing.


4. Inform ALL of your banks and credit card issuers of where and when you are traveling.

5. Take an unlocked GSM phone along, you can purchase cheap SIM cards almost everywhere.

6. Download Google Translate app for iOS or Android and a currency converter app before you leave.

7. Download an offline map of an area in Google Maps so you can have a working GPS when you step off the plane. (You can do this by simply zooming to the map area you want to view offline in the maps app and typing “ok maps” into the search box, and then this map area will be available even when you don’t have data connectivity.)


8. Take advantage of credit card reward points and fly for free. (seriously)


9. Exercise the day before your trip to reduce jet lag. Check out this helpful graphic.

10. Check the voltage of where you are traveling and bring a small power-strip so you can charge multiple devices off of one adapter.

11. Take a photo of your checked bag so if it is lost or “misplaced” then you can prove/show that the bag is yours.

12. Always check what the weather is going to be before you travel and pack accordingly.

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