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Sep 28 2015

5 simple tips to travel healthy and help you wake up and go

It is always exciting to travel to new places and experience new things. Here are a few tips to keep yourself healthy in order to enjoy your travels to the fullest!


1. Stop! Don’t order that Gin and Tonic on the plane


It’s always very tempting to order a mid-flight cocktail, especially since alcohol can sometimes help you fall asleep quickly. However, alcohol will actually disrupt your sleep and leave you less rested, probably more irritable, and with a slightly weaker immune system. Catching a cold or feeling the effects of fatigue is never a fun way to start a vacation.


2. Get regular sleep upon arrival


Keep to your regular habits as much as possible: exercise when you normally do, keep to your bedtime as close to normal, and use earplugs and an eye mask to block out any noises or distracting light. Take some melatonin supplements to help reset your internal clock. Trust me, it works!


3. Skip the bus and use your feet


When possible, try to walk through your destination city/beach/jungle as much as possible. This little bit of exercise will get you energized and allow you to see more of your surroundings. During our last visit to Hoi An, Vietnam we opted to walk around the old city as much as possible and were rewarded with sights of local culture and neighborhoods that we would not have seen otherwise.


4. Hydrate!


Staying hydrated while traveling will have a large impact on your energy level and help keep your immune system strong. Be sure to travel with a water bottle and drink from/refill it frequently.


5. Have a morning cup of coffee


Besides the fact that coffee tastes amazing, wards off depression and lessens the effects of sleep deprivation; it supplies a kick of energy that helps you to wake up and go on your travel adventures. I always need a cup of coffee to get up in the morning. Whenever I stay at a new hotel, I always make sure they have good coffee in stock. But just in case, I usually bring some of my favorite coffee with me on my travels.


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Eric left Washington, D.C. to travel the world starting with Chiang Mai, Thailand. He enjoys peaty scotch, long walks on the beach (or up mountains) and most sports or activities with potential risk of injury or death.

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