Alive Museum Singapore: Run From Giants
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Dec 13 2014

Alive Museum Singapore: Run From Giants, Play With Giraffes

When we first heard of the Alive Museum in Singapore, we weren’t really sure what it was. We were pretty intrigued after seeing some hilarious guest photos and we wanted to see it for ourselves. The Alive Museum concept originated in Korea and has since spread throughout Southeast Asia. Less a museum than a funhouse, this maze of clever optical illusions lets you take photos of you and your friends performing impossible feats, escaping giant babies and even running from zombies.

Alive Museum 11

During our visit, the museum was filled with young children on a school field trip. Despite making the space a little crowded, watching them fail miserably at making the illusions work made our visit double the fun. Even with a bunch of little kids running around, we were still able to pose at the stations we wanted and get plenty of silly photos.

Most of the paintings were pretty easy to line up, but a few were hard to shoot because they were either too shiny or it was difficult to get the angle right. There were even a few we couldn’t figure out what to do with at all.

Alive Museum 10

While most of the artworks are pretty innocent like pouring water out of a picture frame or trying to escape the paw of a giant cat, there were a few that made us wonder who had deemed them appropriate for children. The star of Kung Fu Panda defecating chocolate ice cream? That seems like a good way to get a group of kids to not behave… The staff shirts were questionable as well. They resembled those bathing suit coverups with very flattering body drawn on, except these t-shirts depicted one hand pulling the shirt up to reveal overexaggerated abs on the men and the bottom of breasts on the women. Perhaps not the best themed uniform for a place that seems to attract a lot of school field trips.

If you’re looking for a museum in the conventional sense of the word, the Alive Museum isn’t the place for you, but if you’re burned out on shopping, it’s raining or you’re just in the mood to be silly, give this place a try for some good laughs and great photos.

Alive Museum 7


Alive Museum 12


Alive Museum 2

Quick Tips

  • The more the merrier, bring your friends so you can take photos with more than one person
  • If some places are too crowded, move on and double back, don’t feel like you have to go in order
  • The Alive Museum is located inside the Suntec City Mall between towers three and four
  • Visit The Alive Museum website for more info and tickets


Poplar Travels was a guest of Alive Museum. Our opinion is always our own. 

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