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Dec 08 2015

Best Spas in Chiang Mai

When travelers visit Thailand, a traditional Thai massage is often at the top of their list of must-do activities. Anyone who has spent an extended period of time in Southeast Asia has felt the pain of realizing they can no longer afford multiple massages or spa visits each week. Nothing will spoil a traveler like the availability of $5 foot massages on every corner.


We encourage anyone taking a trip to Thailand to go one step further and treat themselves to a proper spa experience. Getting a Thai massage on a thin mattress crammed between two strangers in similarly contorted positions on the dirty ground at a hectic night market just doesn’t cut it. Get a proper Thai massage (or other treatment) in a quiet, truly relaxing environment so you can reap the most benefits.


Chiang Mai is full of spas, many of which are beautiful and all of which are largely affordable. For the price of a one-hour massage in the United States, you can extend your experience with a Thai massage, body scrub and even a facial. Many of Thailand’s spa facilities focus on natural treatments with local herbs and oils like lemongrass and ginger. Their skills are known far and wide and are so attractive to tourists that we met many travelers in Chiang Mai solely there for a “spa-cation.” Since there are so many lovely choices, we’ve put together this list of the best spas in Chiang Mai.



Kiyora Spa


This spa is located just a few blocks northeast from Chiang Mai’s busy Taipai Gate. The spa is smaller than others but offers a full menu of services and cheerful staff. We tried one of their spa packages and were not disappointed. I highly recommend a body scrub followed by a hot oil massage. After you enjoy your pampering session, you’ll be treated to mango and sticky rice! Full Review


Cheeva Spa5

Cheeva Spa


This spa is located slightly north of the old city on the edge of a quiet residential community. We were impressed with their hospitality and great design of the treatment rooms. Cheeva Spa operates on the concept that “relaxation is therapeutic by nature” and offers wonderful longer treatment options. During our visit we learned that to truly benefit from a Thai massage, it should last at least an hour (so now you have an excuse). Full Review


Dhara Dhevi36

Dhara Dhevi Spa


The Dhara Dhevi spa has one of the most breathtaking building designs that we have seen so far in our travels. The treatments come with a health consultation with their doctor on staff to help you decide on the best treatment for your health and body. The treatments are more expensive than most other spas in the are but the experience is well worth it. Full Review



Anantara Spa


The Anantara Spa is set along the Ping river and offers dark luxurious treatment rooms. The room designs are aesthetically pleasing and the post-treatment relaxation room allows you to soak up all the good vibes possible. The large treatment rooms are great for couples and feel relaxing but not claustrophobic. For best results, we recommend staying overnight at this incredibly calming luxury hotel! Full Review


Fah Lanna Spa

Fah Lanna Spa


This spa is conveniently located in the heart of the old city near many shops and restaurants. The grounds are lush with tropical trees and all the well appointed treatment rooms are situated around a peaceful koi pond. Along with an extensive menu, they offer the traditional Tok Sen treatment that is unique to the Chiang Mai region of northern Thailand. It’s not for everyone, but if you enjoy a more intense massage, it’s worth considering. Full Review



Rarinjinda Spa Resort


For an immersive spa experience and a focus on wellness, we really enjoyed a peaceful stay at Rarinjinda Spa Resort. The beautifully landscaped grounds welcome guests into a traditional-style lobby. Overnight guests can enjoy a stunning pool and soothing sounds of constant running water. Free yoga classes in the mornings and additional workouts are available. The spa has treatments that emphasize health including a massage pool with several stations for rehabilitation and relaxation and the only Japanese Onsen treatment pools in the city. Full Review


If you’ve never been to a spa, don’t let the experience scare you off. All the staff we encountered in Thailand were incredibly professional and made sure we were totally comfortable. Experienced spa-goers will not be disappointed with the extensive menus offered at many of these places. With the influx of foreign travelers, spas have expanded their offerings to include styles from around the world. If you’re in Northern Thailand, however, you should try a Thai massage at least once!


Have you been to a spa in Chiang Mai? Suggest other favorites in the comments!

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  • Jim Cho

    These look so peaceful! I’ve never been to Thailand.. Now I want to go!

    January 22, 2016 at 11:19 am

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