Crosskix: Your New Favorite Travel Shoe
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Jan 07 2015

Crosskix: Your New Favorite Travel Shoe

As the name might suggest, Crosskix are a bit of a cross between Crocs and traditional running shoes. How does that work? Really well, actually, and at just 7.5 ounces for a size 9, these featherweight shoes are ideal for active travelers.

Deciding which shoes to bring on a trip is always a struggle for us. They take up so much room in a suitcase and are often heavy, but how do you decide which ones aren’t worth it? Especially if you are planning a mix of urban and wilderness adventures, you might have trouble deciding. Luckily, Crosskix makes the decision easier by being several shoes at once. These comfortable, durable shoes will combine all your specialty pairs into one ultra lightweight package.

Crosskix can replace all of these shoes, making tons more room in your suitcase:

  • Running shoes
  • Light hiking shoes
  • Athletic sandals
  • Casual sandals
  • Flip flops
  • Casual shoes for daytime

We were so excited to receive our Crosskix because we knew we would get a ton of use out of them. So far, we have worn them to visit markets and go shopping in Singapore, to hike waterfalls in Chiang Mai, climb ruins in Ayutthaya and walk through busy Bangkok. They will go with us to Myanmar this month as well, when we are traveling carry-on only.

Crosskix come in a variety of fun colors. I chose the louder “Pleasure Pink” pair, but Eric’s navy Navigator version are more discreet and he has even worn them out with jeans at night. They are really comfortable with or without socks and the thick soles provide enough protection for rocky trails. Unlike Crocs, the outsoles are extremely grippy and provide traction on many surfaces, including polished marble and slick wet rock. Eric has since replaced his Patagonia running shoes completely with the Crosskix. We both wear them at the gym, to the pool and on our motorbike.

Crosskix are also surprisingly great in water. The top adjustable strap keeps the shoe safely secured to your foot and the well designed vents in the upper and lower sections of the shoe allow water to flow and drain with ease. They perform better than any purpose built water shoe we have tried. Plus, they are wonderful in the rain.

We have been very happy with the overall fit, but when we first got them they were a bit snug across the tops of our feet. They fit everywhere else, except for the pressure in that one spot. We recommend buying the same size as your running shoe, and using the velcro strap to tighten them if needed. I wear a size 9 usually, but a size 10 running shoe, so I should have ordered a size 8M/10W. I have the size 7M/9W Crosskix and had to stretch them a little bit. (Trusty Google told us to pour hot water on the tight part and then wear them with thick socks. Oila! Custom fit Crosskix! Be careful if you choose to do this, though. Don’t overdo it or you could ruin your shoes!)

I was not expecting Crosskix to live up to their claim to be a great running shoe. I didn’t think a foam composite shoe could be this durable and comfortable. Now with our Crosskix on our feet and one pair of dressier shoes in our bags, our feet are ready for anything when we travel. No matter what we put them through during the day, we can quickly rinse them off and wear them again at night.


Poplar Travels received this product for the purpose of review. Our opinion is always our own. 

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Evanne Allen

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  • Sam :)

    Wow. These look cool! I’ve thought about getting crocs but they look like smurf shoes. I think ill have to try these out! Thanks!

    January 7, 2015 at 7:50 pm

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