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Sep 12 2015

Easy Travel Favorites By prAna

What’s the most important thing you look for when you’re planning outfits for travel? Comfort? Style? How do you find a good mix of both, especially when you’re traveling to a hot climate like Southeast Asia? Find a great brand and stick to it! prAna makes quality products with fair trade material that lasts, so you can count on your clothes to make it through your travels.


If you’re heading somewhere warm for the holidays this year (lucky you!) now is a great time to score some major deals on summer clothes!


prAna Bess Dress 10


For hot travels, I’m always on the lookout for breezy dresses. They are by far the easiest travel outfit since they require almost zero thought, and who wants to think when you’re too busy trying to stay cool. For more modest cultures, finding dresses with a lower hemline and sleeves is ideal. Oila! The Bess Dress is super comfortable, cute and doesn’t wrinkle.  I’ve worn this during the day or for a casual night out and always get lots of compliments.


prAna is a trusty brand for cute but comfortable travel clothing. They know what they’re doing when it comes to utility, but you won’t have to sacrifice your sartorial taste. Comfort might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think bikini, but travelers know a good bathing suit is just as much a necessity as a sturdy suitcase. If you’ve ever taken off a wetsuit on a boat packed with strangers, you’ll appreciate the value of a secure swimsuit. If you’re active, finding a cute suit that stays put is sometimes tough. I love the Aleka bikini top for its security. I can dive, snorkel and kayak and not worry about a bikini blunder.





Same with the Saba bikini bottoms  in matching stylish prints. The side ties add interest and allow a little bit of adjusting. These bottoms are full coverage and are great for surfing, beach walks, or just sunbathing in comfort. I’m just as happy in them in a pool as I am standing up to huge waves at the beach.  

As a pale gal, I’m always very conscious of how much sun I get. I never visit the beach without a hat; the bigger the better. My Dora Sun Hat  has gotten a lot of wear and I feel great rocking it on the beach. Sometimes it’s hard for me to find a sun hat I like (maybe because I have a pretty big head), but this one is so cute I wore it to a Derby Days event. Plus, since the brim is very flexible, it’s easy to pack without ruining.


Do you have a favorite brand of travel clothing? If you haven’t already, take a look at prAna‘s website for stylish, sustainable choices that will keep up with you around the world.


This post was written in partnership with prAna. Our opinions are always our own.

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Evanne Allen

Evanne co-founded Poplar Travels after quitting her job in Washington, D.C. She got itchy feet at a young age and has never lost the urge to explore the planet. A previous museum employee, she is apt to drag travel partners into several cultural institutions anywhere she goes. She wishes she could speak every language and loves meeting new people.

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