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Mar 19 2015

Flying With AirAsia Thailand

While living in Chiang Mai, we got to explore a lot of Thailand including several trips to Bangkok and a two week trip to the Southern part of the country. To get the most out of our trips, we wanted to spend as little time and money on transportation as possible. We have flown with AirAsia Thailand a dozen times and we are always pleased with our service.

Recently, we flew with AirAsia Thailand to Bangkok and then on to Hanoi. It was our first international flight with the airline and everything went smoothly. Thailand has some impressive service and hospitality and the flight attendants and staff of AirAsia always embody this. We are always greeted with smiles.

On these flights we got to enjoy their new Premium Flex seats which made our flight even more enjoyable. Premium Flex seats come with checked luggage up to 20 kg, priority boarding, included meal options and extra leg room.

Air Asia

If you’re not flying Premium Flex, reserving meals ahead of time is still a plus because you know what you’re getting and you know that you’re getting something, so you don’t have to stock up on overpriced snacks in the airport just in case. Plus, if you have a connecting flight with a short layover you don’t have to worry about grabbing food on the the run. All the Thai food we’ve had on AirAsia Thailand is really tasty, served hot, and pretty spicy. Of course, mango sticky rice is a must.

AirAsia always has many flights flying out of Bangkok to most popular destinations in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We never have an issue finding a flight at a convenient time. A few times we have considered taking the train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to save money or just for the experience, but AirAsia flight prices are always about the same if not less, so we always book with them instead.

We thought Don Muang would be worse to fly in to, but it’s not bad and there are buses and shuttles into the city. Plus there is an airport skytrain line. Checking in is easier than ever with their mobile app. We always check in before we get to the airport so we can reserve our seats and just pick up the tickets at the check in counter for a quick and easy process. With so many details to make your flight as convenient as possible, AirAsia is our favorite way to get around Thailand and beyond.

Have you ever flown with AirAsia? Share your experience in the comments.

Poplar Travels was a guest of AirAsia, our opinion is always our own.
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Evanne and Eric left jobs in Washington, D.C., headed for Chiang Mai, and look forward to exploring everywhere in between.

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