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Aug 30 2014

Good Morning Chiang Mai Café

We read about Good Morning Chiang Mai on several travel blogs that we follow. It came highly recommended so we were excited to give it a try. When we walked in we really wanted to like it. The decor is cozy and the treehouse layout has lots of little nooks to settle in, get comfortable and write or just enjoy a cup of coffee. We chose a couch upstairs and sat looking forward to a western breakfast.

The indoor walls are almost completely made up of propped open windows and the loft looks out over some outdoor seating and a swimming pool. Overall it is laid back and comfortable. When we sat down, we were greeted by several tiny spiders crawling around on the coffee table in front of us. Given the open-air atmosphere we were neither surprised nor especially bothered. We squashed a few and logged in to the free wifi.

We ordered a sausage and egg meal with potatoes and a breakfast sandwich on a croissant along with two coffees that never showed up. The meal went downhill from our first bites. While I debated whether I just didn’t prefer the type of cheese on my eggs or if it was actually spoiled, Eric had the same question about his sausage – a more substantial risk. That being said, we ended up eating it all.

Good Morning Chiang Mai

Good Morning Chiang Mai

We were halfway through our meals when we realized we never got our coffee. Once we finished I went down to the bar to remind them and neither employee seemed to remember taking our order. Whatever, it happens. The coffee came pretty quickly after that, but they didn’t bring us sugar, so Eric went to grab a jar. I opened the top and about 10 ants crawled out. I stopped drinking my coffee. This was about the time we realized the tiny spiders were back in double their previous numbers.

In a semi-outdoor environment a few bugs are to be expected, but I at least like to think that my food will be kept in a place out of their reach. When we were ready to settle up, there was some confusion about how many coffees we had ordered, and even after some debate, neither employee understood that they hadn’t brought us the first two. Perhaps it was a miscommunication on their part, but it seems like being asked for the same thing twice would jog your memory.

The combination of ants in our sugar, spiders all over the table and forgetful servers are more than enough for us not to return. Good thing there are hundreds of unique coffee shops in Chiang Mai, and we have plenty of time to explore them!

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Evanne Allen

Evanne co-founded Poplar Travels after quitting her job in Washington, D.C. She got itchy feet at a young age and has never lost the urge to explore the planet. A previous museum employee, she is apt to drag travel partners into several cultural institutions anywhere she goes. She wishes she could speak every language and loves meeting new people.

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