Heritage Suites Hotel Siem Reap Review
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Mar 31 2015

Heritage Suites Hotel Siem Reap

Heritage Suites, a small boutique hotel tucked away in a quiet residential section of Siem Reap, Cambodia, is an ideal escape from the dusty city after a day of exploring the famous Angkor temples. The boutique hotel is laid out on lush tropical grounds with a grand dining hall, large swimming pool, spa, and adventure tour operator. The hotel is only 6 kilometers from the historic Angkor temples and just a few minutes by tuk tuk to the pub street and local markets.

Convenient, yet secluded, Heritage Suites provides luxurious boutique accommodation for travelers looking to incorporate local culture into their visit to Cambodia.

The Rooms

Upon arrival we were upgraded to one of their newly renovated bungalow suites located just a few meters from the pool and outdoor bar. Heritage Suites recently decided to give their suites a facelift, and we were among the first to test out their stylish new facilities. The central bathtub, open shower, steam room and outdoor shower created an air of grown up romance. The clean lines and neutral colors were not overtly sexy, but the layout was certainly conducive to a romantic stay.

The intimate property is filled with plants, making each suite (in a separate building) feel secluded and tall concrete walls ensure privacy. Our cute seating area with hanging chairs went unused since the heat kept us inside, but we were very comfortable on the couch in our living room.

Heritage Suites-25

The Grounds

The pool, complete with open fire pit, is lovely and half shaded by beautiful trees. A pool bar, taking part in the resort’s happy hour, is set up nearby. If you’re not in the mood for a swim, a boutique and tour operator are also located on site. The hotel’s ATVs are available to take a tour through the Cambodian countryside.

Heritage Suites is not all romance, though. Their popular jazz nights have become a gathering occasion for expats, visitors and locals alike. A fun night for jazz enthusiasts to get a little more dressed up than normal and enjoy some cocktails by the bar, every Thursday the Siem Reap Rat Pack plays a mix of classics and new jazz numbers in the main dining room. For a quieter experience, grab a table on the second floor and watch the musicians from above next to bookcases lined with votives and sculptures.

The Food

Breakfast was served a la carte (which we love at smaller hotels) and included classics such as eggs Benedict and omelets as well as some special options like crepes with fruit and honey and homemade yogurt with tropical fruit. The chorizo sausage was another highlight. A bread basket with local jams and butter as well as coffee are also included.

Heritage Suites-14

The night we arrived, we took part in the Tuesday BBQ by the pool. A show of traditional Khmer dancing takes place on a stage at the end of the pool while guests cook food on open grills. We would suggest getting there about 30 minutes before the show starts so you can get the grill going before and then sit back and enjoy the performance. While the seafood, meat and vegetables were fresh and flavorful, there wasn’t much to go with them. Sauce lover would be dissappointed, and we didn’t get to cook it ourselves; our server just put everything on the grill and let us know when it was done.

We were lucky enough to be in town for jazz night and ate dinner while we enjoyed the music. Sadly, the crocodile steak was not available, but our goat cheese risotto and chicken were more than satisfactory. We had some cocktails with dinner and the variety of mojitos were our favorite. Happy hour also includes some canapes that make a delicious starter.

Heritage Suites-28
Heritage Suites-27

Quick Tips

  • Enjoy happy hour and try the canapes; our favorites were the pate and the chorizo
  • The Khmer bbq by the pool can be skipped, but don’t miss the traditional dancing
  • Take a dip at night and enjoy the fire pit with a view of the stars
  • Try to stay on a Thursday so you can party at the weekly jazz night (open to outside guests)
  • Heritage Suites is romantic but cozy, and convenient to explore the Angkor temples
  • Visit Heritage Suites online for more information and to make a reservation

Poplar Travels was a guest of Heritage Suites. Our opinion is always our own. 

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