SleepPhones: The Most Comfortable Headphones For Travel
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Dec 18 2014

SleepPhones: The Most Comfortable Headphones For Travel

What saves you on long flights? For me, it’s getting sleep and listening to music. With standard ear buds or bulky headphones, it’s hard to do both at the same time and usually that is exactly what I want. Enter SleepPhones, the amazingly comfortable headphones made for sleeping.

I honestly don’t know how these didn’t come into existence a long time ago or how I’ve managed to go this long without them. I tested out the SleepPhones Classic Breeze for the first time during our 24 hours of traveling from the United States back to Thailand after Thanksgiving and absolutely loved them. I’ve added them as a permanent member of my little baggie of in-flight comfort.

The speakers inside the headband are easy to adjust so they sit right on your ears and the connecting cord comes out the back so it stays completely out of your way. They sound great, too! The speakers are removable so you can easily wash the headband. You can see in the photo above that they are completely flat. The cloth squares that house the speakers are flexible with no bulky edges or bumps so they won’t bother you at all while your head is on a pillow (or against a plane window).

I chose the lightweight version since we are mostly traveling in tropical climates, but the original fleece SleepPhones would be extra cozy for colder places. For sizing reference, I have a pretty big head (I think my hat size is 7 3/8) and the “one size fits most” fit me perfectly.

Even if you don’t fall asleep to music, these are way more comfortable than any other style of headphones I have tried. I can wear ear buds longer than headphones, but can’t last more than a movie in either. They always start to hurt my ears, especially if I try to use a pillow or rest my head on something. Getting comfortable on a plane is never easy, but SleepPhones take all the discomfort of headphones or earbuds out of the picture.

Other than blocking out noise and getting comfortable on a plane, SleepPhones are also perfect for noisy hotels, hostels or for anyone who likes to fall asleep with music, but doesn’t want to disturb their partner. The stretchy headband keeps the SleepPhones in place while you sleep and you can even pull it down over your eyes to double as an eye mask.

Read more about SleepPhones and get your own pair of “pajamas for your ears” on their website. SleepPhones are also available on Amazon. If you hate trying to get comfortable in bulky headphones or like sleeping with music, SleepPhones will be a welcome change. They fold up small enough to fit in any traveler’s bag, and you don’t have to worry about breaking them.


Poplar Travels received this product for the purpose of review. We received no payment for this post. Our opinion is always our own.

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