Stylish And Lightweight Travel Pants: Susan Skinny Pant
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Mar 26 2015

Stylish And Lightweight Travel Pants: Susan Skinny Pant

We may not always pack light, but recently we have been trying our best to master carry-on only packing. That means lots of pieces that can be worn in multiple situations. When I found the Anatomie Susan Skinny Pant, I thought they were a great stylish option for lightweight travel pants. I always like to have a pair of quick dry pants for hiking and other adventures, but they don’t usually look nice enough to wear in most other situations. Well, I’ve put these pants to the test, I mean really put them to the test, and they have served me well during adventures through jungles and have become one of my staple travel outfit items.


The first time I wore the Susan Skinny Pant was to meet some friends out for drinks and they immediately complimented them. The zipper pockets add detail and flattering lines to the otherwise simple pant. The material (mine are “grey” but look more olive green in some light) was a lot thinner than what I was expecting and very stretchy. I was worried they might stretch out, but they never do. Even when I was anticipating much warmer weather and ended up wearing them for three days straight on our cruise through Halong Bay, they held their shape, didn’t wrinkle and looked good the whole time.


The zippers at the bottom of the leg, which I assumed I would never use, came in handy when I needed to roll my pants up to cross a stream after elephants in Thailand. Plus, they are a nice detail and give the pants a completed look. The zipper pockets on the other hand, I knew I would love. The pockets in front are large enough to hold a passport while running through the airport or to keep my phone secure when riding on a motorbike.

These travel pants aren’t just useful, though, and I have enjoyed styling them for dinner or a night out while we stayed at some of the top luxury resorts in Southeast Asia. I can wear them with Birkenstocks and I can’t wait to try them with booties when I’m reunited with my wardrobe.

My only complaint about the Susan Skinny Pant is that there are only three belt loops; one in the back and two in the front. It makes wearing a belt a little bit annoying at times, but for the most part they are incredibly comfortable.



These pants have become my trusty favorite pair for travel and I have been so glad to have them for hiking, shopping, flying and lounging. Unfortunately, I pushed them to the limit when I wiped out on a motorbike and ripped a hole in the knee. I was way more upset about that than any injury I sustained (just a scratch, anyway).

These pants are comfy enough to sleep in, but still look and fit great after being stuffed into my duffel bag. They are made for travel and you can tell. These pants are lightweight, they take up almost no room and they dry in a couple hours, so they are easy to wash in a hotel sink. The Susan Skinny Pant are definitely at the top of my list for versatile travel pants and I can’t wait to try more stylish items from Anatomie!


Poplar Travels received this item for the purpose of review. Our opinion is always our own. 

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Evanne Allen

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