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Dec 28 2016

A Weekend in Downtown DC at the Marriott Marquis

It’s always a treat to explore a town you know well or once lived in as a tourist. I had a great time staying at the Marriott Marquis Washington DC for a weekend and exploring an area that has gone through an amazing transformation since I first moved there five years ago. My very first apartment in DC was near the convention center, but not much else. What an amazing place to live that would be now, with some incredibly hip restaurants around the corner, art galleries, boutiques and more....

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Apr 09 2016

Where to eat in Penn Quarter and Chinatown D.C.

It seems every week there is at least one new restaurant in D.C. Some last longer than others, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds of amazing spots to choose from. The Chinatown/Metro Center area is full of examples. If you’re attending an event at the Verizon Center, visiting one of the museums in the area or just looking for a great neighborhood for meals, don’t skip this location.   One of my favorite things to do when I visit The District (and when I visit anywhere) is eat. My most...

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Nov 06 2015

Sofitel Washington DC: Luxury Hotel In Lafayette Square

Washington, D.C., has no shortage of accommodation and with several neighborhoods to choose from, tourists can wonder where to start. Our last trip to the Capital was for the Landmark Music Festival, so we knew we wanted to be close to the Mall. We settled on one of our favorite hotel brands, Sofitel, and decided to see what the Washington property has to offer.   The Location   Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square, as it turns out, is convenient to way more than just The National Mall. We walked everywhere all weekend, yet felt...

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Oct 21 2015

A Weekend On The Mall At Landmark Music Festival

Thankfully, threats of constant rain proved to be idle, but the first ever Landmark Music Festival on The National Mall faced other challenges on Day One. Lines for the bar where festival goers could pick up beer, wine and nonalcoholic drinks were a hundred people long before 4 p.m. Since half the crowd spent entire sets in line, the crowds at the stages felt sparse (a plus if you wanted to squeeze up close) and attitudes turned negative before night fell. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="4949,4951"] The artists on Saturday were great; Daughter and...

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Sep 22 2015

Landmark Music Festival: Saving The National Mall

Washington, D.C., is bringing its music scene to a new level by hosting a full-fledged summer music festival this weekend. Landmark Music Festival managed to snag an impressive lineup headlined by The Strokes and Drake (a pretty nice testament to the diversity of taste in the District). New sensation George Ezra will also make an appearance as well as a variety of other acts from several, possibly surprising, genres including the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers.    The Cause   Great acts aside, that’s not what this inspiring music festival is about. Landmark Music Festival will...

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Aug 01 2015

The W Hotel Washington D.C.

Everyone who lives in Washington, D.C., has been to the P.O.V. lounge on the roof level of The W. The stunning view of the Washington Monument, the Mall and even the White House at certain angles, make this a spectacular place to see the District at night. The stylish bar hosts all kind of events from book signings to fashion shows and always draws a big crowd. While Eric and I lived in D.C. we attended a few of these events and brought our visiting friends for a drink on...

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Sep 08 2014

How to Tackle the National Mall in a Day

In a city full of must-see attractions and historically significant monuments, museums, parks and government buildings, how do you decide what to see? Washington, D.C. has so much to offer for people with all sorts of interests, but there are certainly a few spots that immediately come to mind for tourists, many of which are on the National Mall. The narrow stretch of the Mall extends just more than 2 miles from the Capitol to the Lincoln memorial and is lined by eight Smithsonian museums, the National Gallery of Art, the...

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Jul 30 2014

Goodbye Pains

It isn't easy to get rid of most of your belongings, pack the rest in boxes and say goodbye to friends, family and a city you call home. It is an exciting and terrifying feeling to drive along roads and realize you finally know exactly where they lead, only to remember moments later that you have a one way ticket out of this place. As I write this, I'm looking forward to a last weekend blowout with some pretty amazing girlfriends. I can't help but dread the inevitable Saturday-night-post-gin-and-tonic tears that...

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Jul 11 2014

10 Free Activities To Do In D.C. This Summer

Washington, D.C. is so hot and muggy in the summer it has become a common misconception that it was built in a swamp. When humidity strikes, you have to find ways to survive, and the District provides lots of distractions. There are plenty of free activities year-round, but during the summer, the opportunities abound. Here’s a list of our ten favorite free activities to take advantage of in our nation’s capital especially during the summer months. (via Cloture Club) 1. Outdoor movies There are several venues to catch movies in an outdoor setting including...

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Apr 25 2014

Goodbye Cherry Blossoms, Hello Spring in D.C.

The abrupt end of the cherry blossom in D.C. serves as a reminder not to miss out on the offerings of your home town. While you’re daydreaming about far away places, it’s important to remember to notice the beauty and opportunities that are waiting right at your fingertips. This past weekend marked the first true occasion worthy of shorts this year and the blossoms were in full bloom. The sheer number of pink fluffy trees surrounding the tidal basin is breathtaking. The views are certainly worth the risk of being knocked...

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