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Feb 13 2017

Two Weeks in Cuba

Two weeks in Cuba is the perfect amount of time to get a diverse view of the country. Our two week travel itinerary for Cuba will bring you through cities and small towns and provide plenty of beach time. We recommend spending at least four days in Havana as there is so much to explore in Cuba’s largest city. This itinerary begins and ends in Havana and takes you on an overnight trip to Vinales, on to Veradero and then two days each in Trinidad and Cienfuegos.   Cuba's surprisingly diverse terrain...

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Jan 21 2016

What to do in Napa: Three Day Itinerary

As we sat at a winery built to resemble an Iranian Palace, I had a seemingly ridiculous thought that Napa was not as uptight and ritzy as I had expected. Maybe the warm hospitality and the earnestly relayed story of immigrants living the American Dream made the imported travertine feel somehow obtainable. Or maybe a few days of wine tasting with a private driver, visiting an Italian castle and staying in one of the top BnBs in the country had clouded my judgement.   But now, a few days and an entire...

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Feb 26 2015

Where We’re Headed: Travel Plans For March 2015

In our disorganized frenzy to pack up our lives again, we realized we neglected to share our travel plans for March with our readers. You may have picked up from our social media accounts that we have a big trip coming up! So, to give you an idea of what we are up against and why it was so hard to pack, here is where we are headed in March. Two duffel bags, one backpack and a camera bag for five weeks on the road through four countries. We are over-packers...

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Feb 08 2015

How To Get A Myanmar Visa

Due to the rise in tourism in Myanmar and the continued improvement of government organization, applying for a visa for Myanmar is now as easy as paying a bill online. The new e-visa program does not require a visit to an embassy, it sends a visa via email and is approved within 3 days. The Myanmar visa can be applied for directly on the Ministry of Immigration and Population’s website at The Myanmar visa is currently available for residents of 50 countries and the list can be viewed at All you...

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Feb 07 2015

What to do in Mandalay, Myanmar

Mandalay is the second largest city and the last royal capital of Myanmar. It is a bustling city but very different from Yangon. It lacks the unique colonial architecture, clean roads and semi-organized traffic intersections, but has a unique history and will provide a memorable experience. Explore traditional craftsmanship, holy Buddhist sites and take a day trip across the river to see the full spectrum of Mandalay's attractions. Get to know the city's unique character with this list of what to do in Mandalay. Silk Weaving Workshops We visited the Shwe Sin Tai...

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Feb 04 2015

What To Do In Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon is the busiest city in Myanmar, and because of its status as the former capital city, it is bustling with culture, good food, and beautiful architecture. On our visit we worked closely with the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism to bring you a listing of the best attractions and cultural destinations in this historic city. Just visiting Yangon is an experience in itself but there are a few key places that you must see during you visit to this culture rich city. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="3271,3269,3308"] 1. Shwedagon Pagoda The Shwedagon Pagoda will always...

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Dec 20 2014

What To Do In Singapore: Highlights From Five Days In The City

Have you ever heard that one day in Singapore is enough? Well whoever said that to you has no idea what they missed. Are you wondering what to do in Singapore? We spent five days in the city country and we can’t wait to get back to experience all the attractions and neighborhoods we couldn’t squeeze in. If you can, spend more time in this amazing place! There are so many things to do, eat and see that we guarantee you won’t get bored. Here is what you can do...

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Nov 28 2014

Two Days In Singapore With City Pass

When we started planning a trip to Singapore, we were told by many of our friends who had been there before that one day would be plenty of time to see everything. However, the more research we did, the longer our list of must-dos grew, and the more we wondered if we would end up having enough time. We had a total of four days in Singapore, and we spent two of them touring with a City Pass. If you are wondering what to do with two days in Singapore...

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Sep 08 2014

How to Tackle the National Mall in a Day

In a city full of must-see attractions and historically significant monuments, museums, parks and government buildings, how do you decide what to see? Washington, D.C. has so much to offer for people with all sorts of interests, but there are certainly a few spots that immediately come to mind for tourists, many of which are on the National Mall. The narrow stretch of the Mall extends just more than 2 miles from the Capitol to the Lincoln memorial and is lined by eight Smithsonian museums, the National Gallery of Art, the...

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