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Dec 13 2014

Alive Museum Singapore: Run From Giants, Play With Giraffes

When we first heard of the Alive Museum in Singapore, we weren’t really sure what it was. We were pretty intrigued after seeing some hilarious guest photos and we wanted to see it for ourselves. The Alive Museum concept originated in Korea and has since spread throughout Southeast Asia. Less a museum than a funhouse, this maze of clever optical illusions lets you take photos of you and your friends performing impossible feats, escaping giant babies and even running from zombies. During our visit, the museum was filled with young children...

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Nov 23 2014

Asian Civilizations Museum: Singapore

The Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore explores ancient cultures from the region that have influenced the history of the island-country and surrounding areas. Singapore has such an interesting history as a trading port and a British colony, but the museum goes way beyond these recent developments to explore the true ancestors of the region. Our favorite room ended up being the Singapore River Gallery. Cities are often built on the banks of rivers for obvious reasons, but Singapore’s comparatively meager waterway has an especially interesting story more than 600 years long....

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Nov 09 2014

Jim Thompson House in Bangkok

The disappearance of American architect and entrepreneur Jim Thompson transformed his home into a place of wonder and secured his spot as a modern legend. The Jim Thompson House is the former residence of the "Thai Silk King" and has been converted into a museum. Thompson fell in love with Thailand after visiting with the military and decided to remain in the country permanently. His respect for traditional Thai artesian silk and his faith in the industry led him to found the Thai Silk Company, giving Thailand world-wide recognition for its...

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Sep 08 2014

How to Tackle the National Mall in a Day

In a city full of must-see attractions and historically significant monuments, museums, parks and government buildings, how do you decide what to see? Washington, D.C. has so much to offer for people with all sorts of interests, but there are certainly a few spots that immediately come to mind for tourists, many of which are on the National Mall. The narrow stretch of the Mall extends just more than 2 miles from the Capitol to the Lincoln memorial and is lined by eight Smithsonian museums, the National Gallery of Art, the...

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Aug 20 2014

The Getty Museum: Los Angeles

It took us a while to pull away from the marvel that is the Getty Museum itself and finally venture inside to see the collection. The travertine giant is so massive and so beautiful, you could spend your entire visit outdoors exploring the museum gardens and sculpture and probably get your fill of spectacle. There are even fossilized leaves hidden in the rock. If you want to get really nerdy (we are talking about a museum and cultural research institution here) you can read all about how said travertine came to...

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Aug 19 2014

The Mingei Museum: San Diego

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the Mingei Museum in Balboa Park. I should have had high standards given the beauty of the park and all the buildings, but I just had no idea what we were walking into. In the opening text for the first exhibition, “Surf Craft,” a short explanation for the museum’s name is found: In The Unknown Craftsman, Japanese philosopher Soetsu Yanagi divides craft into three broad categories: mingei (or folk) crafts, artist crafts, and industrial crafts. Mingei crafts are anonymous, useful, handmade objects intended for...

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