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How To Stay Organized While You Travel

When you’re living out of a suitcase, things can get pretty messy. If you’re living out of a small suitcase, every item should be packed strategically. Staying organized while you travel is a way to lessen the stress that comes with being on the go and will help you look and feel your best. Since you are carrying your mess with you, let’s focus on that suitcase as the most important place to start with organization.     Keep your suitcase organized with these 5 tips   Pack your “just in case” items first so...

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Mar 02 2016

What Not To Wear In Southeast Asia

Many people come to the region and all they think of when wondering "What should I wear in Southeast Asia" is “It's hot.” Well, it is hot, and often humid, but it is also conservative. We know the heat can be intense, and we are sweating, too, but it’s no excuse to be disrespectful. In big cities and places where tourism is a major part of the economy, locals are accustomed to seeing people walking around in booty shorts and barely there tank tops (I’m referring to men and women...

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Sep 17 2015

How To Minimize Your Makeup Bag For Travel: Stowaway

Here’s a health tip for travel you may not have thought of yet: throw out your old makeup. You might not think it’s necessary or insist you don’t really hold on to all those products for that long, but take an honest look at your cosmetic bag.   When did you buy your favorite lipstick?   Even if you use it often, chances are slim you will finish the full tube before it expires after about a year.   New makeup brand Stowaway is breaking the mold by churning out quality cosmetics in travel sizes only! So...

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Carry-on Essentials: What To Pack To Stay Comfortable on Long Flights

Long flights may signify the beginning of a well-deserved vacation, a short business trip or a big move. No matter where your plane is taking you, the flight itself is seldom a highlight of your trip. However, just because you are stuck on an airplane for hours doesn’t mean you have to be miserable. We have flown around the world from Los Angeles to Bangkok and back to D.C., and a little preparation helps make our flights not only tolerable, but smooth and comfy! With a few carry-on essentials packed in your bag you will...

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