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Dec 11 2014

The North Face Ultra Fastpack: The Best Hiking Shoe For The Perpetual Traveler

I’ve always been an outdoorsy person. Whether I’m in the mountains, at the beach, or in the city, I can always find some time to take in some fresh air. I have found over the past few years that because of the various climates and terrains that I find myself in, I tend to have a large variety of shoes and boots. About a year ago, as I was planning my departure from a normal career and taking a step into travel blogging, I made my first trip to New Zealand for a hiking and adventure trip with my sister. I realized before my trip that I needed a hiking boot that could endure the “four-seasons-in-a-day” weather that New Zealand has so often.

I headed over to my local REI and mountaineering stores and checked out Vasque, Asolo, and Solomon boots and found quite a few good ones with their weight seeming to be the only downside to their comfort and durability. Then by a strange coincidence I opened my email one day to see a message from North Face advertizing their new ultra light hybrid hiking boot. This caught my eye and after a few minutes of research, I ordered a pair of Black Ultra Fastpack Mid GTX hiking shoes.

NF Boots

When I received my boots the first thing that I noticed was the design. They looked really cool! The upper has crisscrossing side reinforcement and a sleek leather toecap with reflective silver accents on the toe, tongue, and heel. When I picked them up I was surprised by how light they were. My casual shoes and even a pair of my Reef flip flops were heavier than these boots!

Thus began eleven months of harsh and thorough testing and I have arrived at the conclusion that these are not only the best boot for an avid traveler but they are good looking enough to wear in the city and even light enough for trail running. The padding and contour of the boot allow for a comfortable fit and it feels light on my feet because… well… it is! The boot is plenty rigid to support my ankle and the construction is sturdy enough for some heavier hiking.

The boot has been completely waterproof even in marshlands and while being submerged for extended periods. The lining is somehow very breathable for hot climates yet kept my feet warm in subzero weather. Their weight allows me to pack them in my carry on or strap them on my backpack without noticing a difference.

I can go on and on about how great I think the North Face Ultra Fastpack Boots are, but the truth is that you have to try them for yourself. They have endured: rocky trails, snow drifts, rock climbing, ice, mud, marsh, beach, city streets, and much more.

I have been wearing these boots during every adventure activity listed on this blog and they have performed above and beyond any other hiking boot I have ever had, in almost every possible condition. These are truly the perfect boots for the adventurous traveler.



Poplar Travels received this product for the purpose of review. We received no payment for this post. Our opinion is always our own.

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Eric left Washington, D.C. to travel the world starting with Chiang Mai, Thailand. He enjoys peaty scotch, long walks on the beach (or up mountains) and most sports or activities with potential risk of injury or death.

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