Zagg Keyboard Review: The Best Ipad Keyboard On The Market
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Oct 06 2014

Zagg Keyboard Review: The Best Ipad Keyboard On The Market

About three months ago I became the proud owner of an Ipad Air. I bought it so I could have an ultra lightweight alternative to my Macbook Pro in terms of word processing and internet use. Since I am a travel blogger, I am usually typing for hours every day, and I needed to find a keyboard for my Ipad Air that would be comfortable to type on, slim and durable. I did a lot of research and finally made my decision. I have actively used this keyboard in all types of environments and situations, and never experienced an issue.

Want to turn your Ipad Air into a mighty mini Macbook pro?

The Zagg Cover Keyboard

I decided early on before I bought my new Ipad that I needed a keyboard that would allow me to use the Ipad in the same manner as a laptop. This meant no cramped keys and no keyboard cases that prop the Ipad up on the keyboard only to have it fall down upon the slightest tremor. I needed something sturdy and solid.

I tried out Logitech, Belkin and Anker keyboards before I found the Zagg Keyboard, but because I am a human and don’t have matchstick sized fingers, the buttons on those keyboards were not easy to type on.

I found the Zagg Keyboard through a chance encounter on Amazon (oh how I love that website) and decided right away to make the purchase.

Zagg Case Keyboard

After only 24 hours of waiting, the keyboard arrived and after 2 months of testing I have decided that the Zagg Keyboard Is the best one out there.

The keyboard is made of aluminum and plastic and feels very sturdy in your hand. The keyboard boasts a pressure fit hinge that allows you to adjust the Ipad to almost any angle you want. It also has active magnets so when you close the Ipad it sleeps and instantly wakes upon opening. The hinge is aesthetically pleasing and blends into the sleekness of the Ipad.

The backlit keyboard is adjustable to three brightness settings. If you would like to mix it up, hold down two keys to toggle through 7 different color options.

The keyboard also features several special function keys such as Siri, volume, home, undo, redo, onscreen keyboard, copy/paste, mute and battery indicator.

The Zagg keyboard turns my Ipad into a small Macbook alternative that is easy to use on planes and will fit into any small daypack or purse .

I have read a few reviews mentioning keyboard connectivity problems but during my use I never experienced any issues. The keyboard automatically syncs as soon as I lift the Ipad. I have also dropped the case twice, spilled water on it and left it in the heat and cold. It still works perfectly. During periods of heavy use the keyboard battery still lasts for over a week.
The Zagg Keyboard for Ipad Air is hands down the best keyboard that I have ever used. The design is sturdy, the hinge operates flawlessly and it will protect your precious Ipad from light drops and scratches. It is available for $99.99 from or if you like a deal, it is only $62.15 on Amazon.


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