The Latest Tech Accessories From Zagg Tested By Poplar Travels
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Dec 29 2014

The Latest Tech Accessories From Zagg Tested By Poplar Travels

The new age of tech accessories (techcessories) from Zagg is upon us. As you may know, Zagg is the maker of my favorite Ipad keyboard, that I am currently using to send emails while I write this post. A while ago our friends at Zagg sent us some new gear to test out the Poplar Travels way. After over a month of rigorous testing, here are the results.

Invisible Shield GLASS

The new line of Zagg screen protectors includes the GLASS screen protectors which, as you might have guessed, are a thin sheet of tempered glass. For years I have used plastic screen protectors from iwave and Tech Armor but I seem to go through a quite a few during the life of my phone. After applying  Zagg’s GLASS screen protector I have not seen a single scratch or crack. So far, I have had my phone in my pocket with keys, dropped my phone in the jungle, and accidentally flung my phone from a moving motorbike. I’m pretty sure you could outfit an armored car with GLASS screen protectors. Unlike the typical sticker screen protectors, air bubbles are not easily trapped under it and the edges are not very visible. The glass virtually disappears once it is applied. The glass even resists my dirty fingerprints and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Get iPhone 5/5s GLASS here

Get iPhone 6 GLASS here

ifrogz GoLite 7800 Power Bank

This small but powerful power bank is one of the newest offerings from Zagg’s ifrogs brand. When I first received the GoLite power bank I thought because of its small size and minimal weight, that perhaps it wouldn’t hold its ground against my larger power banks. After much testing, I have found that this low profile power bank is great for travel and can even fit in my pocket for day outings.

The shell is made of durable plastic and passed the drop test with flying colors. The two USB ports pump out enough juice to charge my iPhone about 3-4 times. The LED light is a handy addition and I’ve found myself reaching for the GoLite power bank instead of my phone when I need some extra light.

Get your GoLite 7800 here

ifrogz InTone EarBuds

These colorful headphones closely resemble my iPhone EarPods, but are slightly more angular and a little lighter in weight. The first thing I noticed was their colorful tangle resistant cord, which has allowed me to avoid much hassle when pulling them out of my pocket. Their build quality is good but not quite on par with the gold standard EarPods. The sound they produce is pretty good quality and they worked well during conversation on my iPhone. They fit in my ears perfectly and stayed in during light rain and sweating at the gym.

The L-shaped jack fit well with my iPhone cases and seems to be made to last longer than the flimsy jack on my EarPods. My only complaint about these headphones is that there is no volume control on the mic. For an inexpensive pair of headphones they performed pretty well and are a good choice for day to day use.

Get them here


Poplar Travels received this product for the purpose of review. We received no payment for this post. Our opinion is always our own.

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  • Chahel

    I just got the intone headphones yesterday and they work good so far! nice blog. good advice

    January 9, 2015 at 3:09 pm

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